Groove Garden 2020 Winter Performance

Wed, January 22, 2020

  1. Elio Kemnitz, ukelele: Wipeout, The Surfaris

  2. Einan Shaoul, voice: I Don't Care, Justin Bieber and Ed Sheeran

  3. Akiko Ikeda, piano: Let it Be, Beatles

  4. Mia Zelkind, guitar: Country Gentlemen, California Surfin'

  5. Felix Gomez De Llarena, piano: Down in the Valley, Love Somebody, traditional

  6. Francesca Abedon, drums: We Will Rock You, Queen

  7. Audrey Abedon, guitar: The A Team, Ed Sheeran

  8. Julian Zuzulo, ukelele: Highway to Hell, AC/DC

  9. Cameron Zuzulo, guitar: Iron Man, Black Sabbath

  10. Tayel Nasrani, piano: Lightly Row, Traditional

  11. Kalil Nasrani, piano: Stand By Me, Ben E. King

  12. Gavin Morrow, piano: The Happy Farmer, Schumann

  13. Owen Morrow, piano: Long, Long Ago, Traditional

  14. Tamer Fishman, piano: Miami 2017, Billy Joel

  15. Zane Fishman, piano: Games People Play, The Spinners

  16. Raphael Lipov, piano: Imagine, John Lennon

  17. Liv Yavin, piano: Twinkle Little Star, Traditional; Ode To Joy, Beethoven

  18. Lola Vermuelen, guitar: Hall of the Mountain King, Edvard Grieg

  19. Rex Codling, guitar: English Rose, The Jam

  20. Augustus Lamm, piano: Clocks, Coldplay

  21. Harper Brightsmith, piano: Christmas Day Secrets, T. Dutton

  22. Laila Dean Mathews, drums: Old Town Road, Lil Nas X

  23. Mabel Winter, piano: Allegretto 2, Shiniki Suzuki

  24. Mavis Rosenthal, guitar: Should I Stay or Should I Go, The Clash

  25. Isabella Cuijpers, piano: 7 Years, Lucas Graham

  26. Amelia Mirsky, voice: 7 Years, Lucas Graham

  27. Cerentha Cook, voice and piano: Imagine, John Lennon (in A major)

  28. Jacob Perelman, guitar and voice: I Won't Back Down, Tom Petty

  29. Ruby Shor, ukelele: Minuet in G (really F), J. S. Bach

  30. Cole Manfredo, voice T.N.T, AC/DC

  31. Nadiv Grabelle-Hermann, guitar: Stand By Me, Ben E. King

  32. Avi Grabelle-Hermann, voice: Under The Sea, from Little Mermaid (in F)

  33. Cuin Waldroop, drums: Sunshine of Your Love, Cream

  34. Emma Waldroop, voice Someone You Loved, Lewis Capaldi

  35. Emmett Sparks, guitar: Smells Like Teen Spirit, Nirvana

  36. Nina Nash, piano and voice: I'm Still Standing, Elton John

  37. Addy Taube, voice and piano: Hallelujah, Leonard Cohen

  38. Franklin Thompson, guitar: Watching the Clouds, Snake Charmer

  39. Elliott Rodriguez, guitar: The Cuckoo, Snake Charmer

  40. Pietro Netto and Maxie Reich, drums and piano/voice: Rocket Man, Elton John

  41. Analouisa Farkhondeh, voice and guitar: Say You Won't Let Go, James Arthur

  42. Nik Baker, voice and piano: Lean on Me, Bill Withers

  43. Sofia Frugiele, voice: Electric Love, Borns (in A major)

  44. Sonia Baranoff, voice and piano: Winter Wonderland, Traditional

  45. Max Woodward Lieber, guitar: Don't Stop Believing, Journey

  46. Kata Borg, guitar and voice: Can't Help Falling in Love, Traditional

  47. Barbara Martinez, bass guitar: The Thrill is Gone, B.B. King

  48. Mason Alexander, guitar: Nothing Else Matters, Mettalica; Knocking on Heaven's Door, Guns 'N Roses

  49. Quinn Brady, guitar and voice: Beer Fear, Lucy Spraggan

  50. Oscar Arnold-Nessel, drums: Chameleon, Herbie Hancock

  51. Grisha Golovinov, voice: Yes Indeed, Lil Baby

  52. Mila Abedon, piano: Someone You Loved, Lewis Capaldi

  53. Lola Von Stuermer, voice and guitar: The A Team, Ed Sheeran

  54. Milla Chaifetz, voice: For Good from Wicked

  55. Lena Lacherez, voice: For Good from Wicked

  56. Sophia Orensteen, guitar and voice: The Game, original composition

  57. Yas Saito, guitar and voice: Original Composition

Thanks to All!!

Rob Taube, director

Tamara Hey, piano and guitar teacher

Sean Mahony, piano, voice and trombone teacher

Samora Free, piano and voice teacher

Paul Shapiro, saxophone teacher